Smart Luggage - Real-time payment if your luggage is delayed or lost!

What is Smart Luggage?

Delayed or lost luggage is one of the worst ways to start a holiday, leaving you without essential items like clothing, sun cream and toiletries.

A Smart Luggage insurance policy can soften the blow by providing a real-time payout so you can get what you need while we continue to search for your things.

If your luggage is delayed by 30 mins we’ll pay £50 directly into your bank or PayPal account, and if it cannot be found after 48 hours you’ll receive a further £500.

No claims forms, no paperwork – all done from your smartphone.

Get covered from just £3.50, then register your flight in the Smart Luggage portal. If your luggage doesn’t turn up, get a receipt from the lost luggage desk, take a photo and upload it from your phone and we’ll pay the money straight into your bank if it cannot be located*

Watch the video...

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